Hi lovelies !! This is the first article I write. I've been part of the We Heart It family for a couple of years now, and I'm really excited to finally share my writing with you all! Hope you enjoy this article :)


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Extremely important to carry identification in case of an emergency!!

Extra Cash

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Important to carry as back up!


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Self explanatory lol


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To block out loud annoying people haha

Portable Charger

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An essential for when going out for several hours

Water Bottle

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To stay hydrated and because honestly drinks can be a bit pricey in some places

A Snack/Granola Bar

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because you're not you when you're hungry


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For eye protection from the sun.. and so you can stop squinting lol


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so you won't stay locked out

Small Emergency Bag (optional)

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With Ibuprofen, period pads, hair ties, bobby pins, mini hair brush, wet wipes, small deodorant, small perfume, etc etc.


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for your boogers


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"sorry that was my last piece"


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Lip balm/Lip gloss

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Small Makeup Bag (optional)

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I personally like to carry some makeup products with me for touch ups throughout the day, such as powder, lipstick, mascara, etc.

Small Journal/Agenda & Pen

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to stay organized and quickly write down important things if you need to


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I like to carry these with me to read during a break or on the bus ride

And this is all of what I carry with me in my purse. Thank you taking the time to read this article, I appreciate it!! <3 Don't forget to heart/follow! Stay tuned for more articles :)