Here are a few of the many apps on my phone. Some are useful and some are pretty dumb, but I have a use for all of them so don't judge me.

1. Spotify

Logo and spotify image arcoiris, discos, and ramdon image
To listen to my jams obviously


Logo, social media, and vsco image camera, photography, and aesthetic image
I literally edit everything with this app its the best. If you want to have a bomb insta feed use this.

3. Instagram

Logo, instagram, and social media image aesthetic, fairy lights, and photo image
I mean do I really need to explain this. I just use this so I can make people think my life is awesome.

4. Buzzfeed

wallpaper and buzzfeed unsolved image funny, tumblr, and lol image
tbh I should get rid of this app since I spend all my free time doing quizzes.

5. Sephora

blogger, cali, and indie image Image by Cris Figueiredo
I just have this so I can see when I have a birthday gift available and when stuff is on sale since I have no money :))

6. Photomath

fuck, shit, and girl image math, funny, and school image
This app helps a lot. But I'm still dying. I hate math and I'm bad it. So its a hate hate relationship so why can't it go away. Also math needs to learn to solve its own problems.

7. We Heart It

Image removed
I mean how do you think I'm doing this.

8. Snapseed, Airbrush, Polarr, Photofox, Glitché (they are all separate apps)

iphone, coffee, and apple image
K so I couldn't find a logo for either of these but I use them to get rid of my ugly a** pimples in photos. Both are great they really work well. Also they have pretty cool editing properties and effects.

9. Camcorder

90s, aesthetic, and camcorder image camcorder, ikea, and photo image
So I can take cool looking videos.

10. UN UM

music, the 1975, and arctic monkeys image aesthetic, grunge, and selena gomez image
So I can see how many people like my photos on insta. Also its super helpful to see how a photo will look on your feed.