Hi to all the amazing people out there!

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It's been a while since I wrote an article here because I was busy and I wasn't feeling like I wanted to write something, but now I'm back and found the ABC tag, it's all over WHI and I think it's cool so I'll do it. Let's start.

A is for Age
I'm 20.

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B is for Best feature
My smile maybe.

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C is for Color
Black, white and pink.

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D is for Deepest regret
Not saying how I really feel.

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E is for Everyday starts with...
Waking up and checking up my phone.

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F is for Favorite Show
Gossip Girl, Friends & Dynasty.

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G is for Greatest Accomplishment
Being able to do an exchange and start traveling the world.

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H is for Height
1.68 mts = 5'6''

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I is for In love with..
Traveling the world and boyfriend.

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J is for Job of my Dreams
Something related to fashion and traveling. Or an actress lol.

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K is for Kids I want
Triplets or twins.

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L is for Last thing I ate

food, lasagna, and pasta image pasta, spinach, and turkey image

M is for Magic power I want
Telepathy and teleportation.

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N is for Number of Siblings
Only a sister.

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O is for One favorite song
IDGAF by Dua Lipa.

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P is for Person I last texted

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Q is for Question I'm always asked
What would you like to do?

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R is for Reasons to smile
The little things life has to offer.

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S is for Sexuality

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T is for Time I wake up
Usually at 8:30am or 9am.

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U is for Underwear color

Mature image Image by Елена

V is for Vacation place
Bali, Indonesia. No doubts.

bali, paradise, and pool image nature, travel, and earth image

W is for Worst habit

problems and overthinking image worry, quotes, and life image

X is for X-rays I've had
Like 3 or 4.

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Y is for Your favorite drink
Coke. Coffee. Cappuccino. Latte.

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Z is for Zodiac sign

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So that's it for this article, hope you enjoyed it. If you wanna talk message or if you wanna read more here's my acticles collection:


Maf. x