DISCLAIMER i was unsure on whether or not i should post this one but i think its something that people need to hear about more often. I have personal experience with this so i'm not trying to just get credit. Although it's not a poem as such, it's something. If this gets to anyone please do message me and I can get you support. If i hurt anyone it will be removed instantly. Here it goes!

Silence now don't you say one little peep,
If you tell them i'm here I will expose our little secret.
Mummy will not like you and she'll be really mad,
Mean men will come the the door and take you from your dad.

No parents will you have and all the hatred you'll receive,
If you tell a single soul little girl you will be hit by me.

Now hush little girly don't you cry, hold your teddy bear and don't ask me why.

Don't ask me why I hurt you.
Don't ask me why i'm here.
Just accept the pain you're feeling now and i'll forever be your fear.

Forever will I be with you even when i'm locked away,
for little girl I am the one who lead your life astray.
Never again will you trust a single soul to hear,
For no one will believe you girl:
'You're just too young my dear'...