Here are some finished/complete Jaeyong AU's on twitter that I happly recommend :)

In which jaehyun is hella straight but lee taeyong's lips are also hella pretty. no homo tho

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Where super popular Taeyong is a openly gay singer who falls in love with a charming stranger who took his first kiss at Doyoung’s celebration party

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The two have been dating for three years, with jaehyun preparing to propose and taeyong—asking for a breakup.

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Jaehyun and taeyong are both students at SMU. they were fwb for a couple of years, but jaehyun doesn't need the distraction in his final year and taeyong just can't take it.

I hope you guys like it and enjoy it bc I love them so much. If this goes well, I bring the part 2 of this :D