Marvel and DC multiverses are full of lgbtpq, gender fluid and cross dressers characters (at least in the comics). Unfortunately it was almost never shown in the movies. It's very interesting to know more about our favorite characters and it's really important nowdays to talk about this topic. So I'll show you some of the most known heroes that maybe you didn't know were lgbt+.


loki, tom hiddleston, and thor image Marvel and lady loki image
Bisexual and genderfluid

Loki, like a lot of gods in the Norse mythology, is a shapeshifter and bisexual. He can change his body into animals and into the opposite sex as well, which makes him genderfluid. (He is also one of my favorite!)


thor, chris hemsworth, and Marvel image Marvel, captain marvel, and media image

Thor, in some multiverses (on Earth-9997), is genderfluid like his brother Loki.


catwoman, selina kyle, and dc comics image Anne Hathaway, badass, and batman image

We are used to seeing her with Batman, but yet she is bi. And she isn't the only super villain of DC comics that is bisexual...


harley quinn, poison ivy, and dc comics image Abusive image

Yes, they even dated. But of course we can see this couple only on the comics. The Harley Quinn series' writers said that "they had a romantic relationship without the jealousy of monogamy"


Mature image wonder woman, dc comics, and diana of themyscira image

The writers said that her culture is completely free from the shackles of heteronormativity, she refuses all the sexual and gender labels. So it's more accurate to say that she is queer, rather than bi (like almost every Amazon).


deadpool, Marvel, and ryan reynolds image deadpool and spiderman image

One of the most known superheroes (or better, antihero)to be part of the lgbt+ community, maybe the most explicit also in the movies. He is very impulsive, so he just doesn't care if someone is male or female or else, as long as he/she attracts him.


deadpool 2 image deadpool and yukio image

A member of the X-men, she had a minor role in Deadpool 2 as Negasonic Teenage Warhead's girlfriend. They were one of the first openly gay couple in the MCU.


actress, mystique, and raven darkholme image comics, Marvel, and mystique image
Genderfluid and bisexual

Same thing as Loki, she is a shapeshifter, so she's obviously genderfluid. Also, the writers designed her as bi, but it wasn't shown so much because at that time the Comics Code Authority prohibited the explicit portrayal of homosexuality and bisexuality.


  • Winter Soldier and Captain America
actor, idols, and bucky barnes image captain america, Marvel, and steve rogers image

Okay, we all know that they are just best friends and they both had relationship with girls. But they are so close that it is almost ambiguous (and there are a lot of fanarts that convinced us). Indeed sometimes Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan were asked about their characters' special relationship and they weren't very disappointed about it, so maybe who knows...

  • Batman and Robin
batman, Batman and Robin, and comic image badass, batman, and christian bale image

An iconic couple, even some characters in the comics thought they dated. Among the writers there were conflicting opinions as well, some of them "wrote them gay" and someone not. A mystery.

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