Helloooo! The article today is about myself :) I hope you will like it !

Day 5 : "Write five facts about yourself."

  • 1 : I' m a serie addict
dragons, ice, and the wall image gossip girl and Serena Van Der Woodsen image
I actually spend most of my free time watching every kind of TV shows, I like almost everything, except scary shows like American Horror Story. (If you have some good one that you watch just tell me.)
  • 2 : I have a collection of postcard
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Even my close friends don't know this but I have large collection of postcard because I really love when people who go on vacation buy me some postcard.
  • 3 : I love looking at sunset and sunrise
summer, sunset, and sun image Image by Ma 女力
One of my favorite thing of all is to watching sunrise and sunset, I don't really know why but it feels like I don't have any problem, I forget everything, I'm just focus on what the world do and it's kinda magic.
  • 4 : I try to be the best version of myself
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That's what I'm calling a "glo up". I do my best to be a better person physically but also mentally. I try to do some sport, to take care of myself, I do some meditation and I push every negative things out of my life because I don't need negativity.
  • 5 : My favorite season is autumn
I love almost everything during autumn, I love the leaves on the ground, the colors on the trees, the way everybody is dressing (I love scarf so much), I love the weather it's the perfect weather not too hot but also not too cold just cold enough for drinking some hot chocolate. The autumn mood is just amazing.

Thank you for reading :) xx