Hellooo!! It's pride month and this girl is excited! I just saw this and I want to do it so here we go!

What's your name?
Call me Tina ;) I prefer that name when I'm on internet

What do you identify as?

Can you give a definition of your label?
Bisexual is being attracted towards 2 genders (not necessarily men and women)

When did you realise it?
All my life I liked girls, but when I was like 14 I realized that it was't in the usual way. There wasn't any LGBTQ+ representation in my life so I did not know that a girl can like girls. And when I started to spend time in internet I realized it was a thing, and it was normal and not a bad thing.

Do you have any lgbt+ friends?
Yes, a lot, actually most of my friends are LGBT

Do they have we heart it?
No, just one of them, but she does not use it

Did you come out? If not, do you plan on coming out?
To my friends and my parents and brother. But I haven't came out to my grandparents or other family member

How did you come out? Or how would you come out?
With my friend we were discussing LGBTQ+ rights and I just said it. One of the did't hear me so I had to say it again, but it was fast and not the way I wanted to do it, but none of them had a problem with it.
With my family it was a little harder tho... We were having dinner and I started all the conversation (I didn't want to have that chat ) about being bi and after that I ended up crying bc they didn't wanted to just let it go or just couldn't understand that I didn't exactly wanted to have that conversation. But they accepted me, and that's what matters.

Who do you look up to sexuality/gender wise?
Miles McKenna, my one and only daddy (kidding...)

Have you ever had a lgbt+ partner?
i never had a partner to beggin with...

Have you ever argued with homophobic people?
yes, a lot, and I hate it.

What's the best thing about being a part of the community?
Always knowing that there are people out there that fight the same war against hate, that there will always be someone out there that will understand your pain, your love and you and have your back if you need it.

What's the worst part?
Seriously, I do't care if people think that being gay (as an ubrella term) is sin or whatever but is when they feel the need to express their hate, when they do violent things just because the don't accept you. Like I don't like pineapple in my pizza, but I never fucking sentenced anyone to death bc they like it. Also, when people tell you you just have to respect their "opinion". If they don't want me to exist, and tell me that I'm going to hell bc I like girls, they are't respecting me, so I'm not gonna respect them.

Have you ever argued with teachers or any other kind of authorities (adults in general) because they were being homophobic?
No, my school is pretty inclusive, wich is great. I have argued with my family sometimes bc they treat gay people like some kind of exotic alien race, but never fighted anyone.

Who's your favourite fictional gay couple?
Lexa and Clarke. Literally the bets couple in the series.

Have you ever been to a gay pride?
No, but i really want to.

What did you wear? Or what would you wear if you've never been to one?
I want to wear my normal clothes but a BI flag and rainbow makeup

Have you ever been misgendered?
I'm cisgender, so no.

Have you ever seen someone being misgendered?
I do't know any trans or nonbinary person, so no.

If yes, did you stand up for them? If no, would you?
Of course I would. escept if they don't want to be out to that person, in that case I would respect their decision.

who's your favourite lgbt+ singer?
Hayley Kiyoko and Troye Sivan

Can you name 3 lgbt+ singers?
Hayley Kiyoko, Troye Sivan, Holland

What's your favourite song lyric about lgbt+ pride?
'Without losing a piece of me
How do I get to heaven?
Without changing a part of me
How do I get to heaven?
All my time is wasted
Feeling like my heart's mistaken, oh
So if I'm losing a piece of me
Maybe I don't want heaven?'

Did social media help you accept yourself?
Yes, actually social media was what gave a name to all those feelings I had, and ended with a lot of my insecurities

What's your favourite lgbt+ book?
Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz

Recommend 3 lgbt+ inclusive books
I have't read many so I have no book to recommend

Are you a stereotypical insert what you define as?
Ehhhh... Idk. I do have short hair tho

What's your favourite acceptance quote?

How does it feel to be yourself?
AMAZING, and it should feel amazing to be yourself to you too.

Are you a pun and meme lover? (that's gay culture duh)