HELLOOOO MY LOVEEES♡♡♡. I hope y'all are doing great. I know i'm being inactive asf but my computer is still ruined so i take a little of my free time to write! i miss writing like...A LOT. Can't wait to write like i did.

So in today's article i want to talk about things i've learned this year, they're not like a lot but i definetly feel that i've grown in a certain way idk i just have so much to tell you!! but without furder ado, let's start!

1. You DON'T need a boyfriend/girlfriend. I mean it, like literally this have been the year where i've met different kind of people and been on different situations i've never been before and if there's something that i can tell you is that certainly you don't need a partner, srsly. Be free, love yourself, go and take your time to know what you like, to know what you love to do, get to know yourself and love yourself before you love someone else, 'cause darling people is complicated, and every single person is a whole universe that may have nothing to do with you. So just chill, let your friends have a couple, don't worry you're not less lovable, it's just not your time, but i promise, one day you'll meet someone that will make you the happiest person alive and viceversa.

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2. Let him/her go. Yeah, now i truly been there, now i know how it feels to loose someone you love, someone you TRULY trust, with your whole soul, someone you just can't imagine your days without...and then, one day they decide to leave you, just like that. And no, i'm not talking about a bf hahaha, i'm talking about a best friend because yeah! *they can break your heart too.*Not talking about what happened today but promise i'll write a whole article about it, because i know i'm not the only one. So, my best advive for my people who have losted someone they loved is simple... let them go, i know TRSUT ME I KNOW how hard it is, but just cry if you feel like crying, talk about it and free yourself. But there's something that will help you the most and that's forgiveness.

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3. Don't change for anyone, any stupid boy who thinks you have "to much personality" just send them to...(imagine a dark and not nice place lol) AND BE YOU! BE PROUD! don't shut up! if you don't like it, say it! and please don't change in order to be accepted by someone you may like, it doesn't work that way honey.

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4. RUN AWAY FROM MACHISTS! girl, please just stay away from them. If you have a crush on a boy and you realize he's a machist just stay away from there, but don't stay quiet if you listen to him talking shit, just like i said, stand up and be loud, defend yourself, don't be scare, be fearless because you can.

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5. Work on yourself everyday. Don't give up on what you want, keep working to reach that goal honey, because you can. The only moment that you fail is when you stop trying.

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6. Do what you have to do and do NOT explain yourself if it's not necessary. You're you and don't need to be apologizing for that. Do you.

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7. Spend time with yourself, go ahead and be your best friend. Trust me, is the best thing you can do.

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8. Listen to new music, read different stuff, wear different outfits, play with your hair, be silly, laugh, give love, laugh, make friends, laugh...yeah, laughing is really important. Go hit your workouts, eat healthy, dance, smile, start saying "hi" to that special person. Dare to try new things.

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9. People is not like you and won't feel like you about certain stuff even if you're right, deal with that, accept it and don't hate them for that, we all are different, we need to accept and love others for who they are.

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10. Chill out more, homework will be there no matter what, i mean it hahaha. So make sure to enjoy yourself though the process. It's not that bad if you look for the nice part and believe me, there's always one!

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Let me know if you want a second part loves!

With love,