Hello, friends! I have been getting more messages in the past few months about my collections than I ever have before. Thank you for the sweet comments! Here's a quick Q&A for you guys. :)

How did I come up with this way of organizing my collections?

I started this account quite a while back, over a year ago, without a very clear idea of where I wanted to go with it. I decided that I wanted to organize these pictures by how they made me feel or what emotions they sparked rather than organizing by category. I started seeing these images as small pieces of peoples' lives, so I made up these characters to fit a certain aesthetic or feeling. They are not OCs or book characters, just imaginary people in my head.

Are these characters based on real people?

Some of them are! Some are based on people I know in real life, others are just made-up people. Some are even based on places from my life. Here are some examples:

The Filmographer is based on my cousin, a filmographer in real life. It is also loosely based on my grandpa's home.

The Entomologist is based on my aunt, the most fearless person I know. Her dream job was to be an entomologist, but back when she was in college, girls were discouraged from being scientists and were encouraged to have secretarial jobs. Though she isn't an entomologist, she inspired my love of bees, spiders, and other creepy crawlies. This collection is really special to me.

The Children's Book Illustrator is based on my own personality and interests.

Will I ever write stories about my characters?

Probably not, but I won't say it won't ever happen. I might write blurbs about these characters in the future, but I like to leave their stories up to my followers' imaginations. I do have stories that accompany each of these characters, like what their daily lives are like and what things are special to them, but I haven't ever written these stories down. I may do that someday.

In each of the descriptions of my collections, there are a few facts about the character, their MBTI personality type, and a song you can look up to get a feel of the ambience or vibe of the collection.

Thank you for reading! I would love to hear the stories behind your collections and/or characters. Send me a message and I will check them out!