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We all truly love our best friends. We love the Groups, that were created together. We love our Group actvities like going out. We truly do.
Still there can be Moments, where you feel like, you are totally not on the same Level as your besties. You feel invisible next to them.

You are not alone. It doesn't matter, if Boy or Girl, everyone can go through such a situation. Where you feel like, you do something wrong, because you are for example not as talkactive as they are. But in my opinion, no person is invisible, even if it appears to you that way.

Here are 3 things I keep in mind, if I start to compare myself to others, especially to my friends.

#1.You are you.

Because in this moments you totally forget, that you are like an individual. You are not supposed to be like them. You are supposed to be you. Each characteristic possesses her own perks, not everyone will like yours, but that's okay. You have your own way of doing life and your are supposed to like it.

#2.Friendship is not a cempetition.

Who has the better hair? the better Body shape? Eyelashes? The better sixpack?
A friendship is about pushing each other to the best You, you can be. It's not about being the better Student, the better athlete and so on. Jealousy is not part of a friendship. Your friend is not your rival, except that's the way you push each other. It also means you are still happy about the success of the other person.

#3.Even your friends have these Moments.

Keep in your mind, they are humans to. Even the most confident person in the world, will be critical about herself. Even your friends will look at you and wish they had your eyes, your Knowledge about physics, your beautiful smile...
Even if you don't think so, it's true. They feel invisible, too. That's why talking is the key to everything. Discussing each others insicurities and helping one another will not only help to get over them, but will tighten the friendship and your bond.

I had a lot of invisible moments. First I never mentioned, how I felt. The Moment I started, my friends made clear, they totally understand me. Once I mentioned I felt invisible, they told me,I was everything but that. It's not about getting attention. You forget the most important thing, it's about being seen by People who are truly interested in who you are

and by the People who are appreciating your way of doing life and your own way of looking.

Your besties.

As Long as they see you, you will never be invisible.

over and out xoxo