Hey guys :)
After so many of you seemed to have really liked my first article about my favorite shows I thought to share with you some books I really enjoyed reading.
Hopefully some of you share my taste in books and will find some new inspiration or old favorites.

The host - Stephenie Meyer

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Many of you will know the author from her twilight series but I always prefered this book. It talks about a dystopian world where aliens took over human bodies to bring peace to the earth. The protagonist Melanie belonged to a human rebellion group before her body was taken over by an alien. I really liked the story as it doesn´t contain the typical alien-war cliché and presents a unique storyline.

Clockwork Angels - Cassandra Clare

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Like the first recommendation this series is written by a famous author. The story plays in the same universe as does the mortal instruments series but not in the US of today. The story rather takes place in Shakespearean London and follows the protagonist Tessa trying to find herself. Not only does this book contain fantastical elements but also one of the best love triangles I have ever read thus deserving to be one of my favorite books.

Delirium - Lauren Oliver

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Again a dystopian novel but quite differtent to my first pick. Lena lives in a world where love is seen as an illness and every 18-year old will have a surgery to prevent love from happening. Lena supports this system until she meets Alex and falls in love. Can they escape the system or is their love doomed from day one?

I hope you will like some of my favorites. I know all of them were mostly from the young adult genre but right now I just really enjoy these kinds of books. Of course I also really like series like for example Harry Potter but I tried to show you some more underrated books. If some of you have a book recommendation for me feel free to send me a message - I always like to check out new reading material.

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