the day after she wakes up when someone knock on the door, she is very late so she rapidly gets ready

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then she remembers the person at the door and she finds Taehyung waiting for her

Au: surprised why are you here?
Tae: since we both live here, I thought it was good to go to school together

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Au: surprised *I'm happy, thank god I'm dressed quite well today

Au: we're late
Tae: I know hahahahaha
Au: run!
Tae: what?! you like, we'll see who arrive first

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they run till school

Au: you're too fast
Tae: hahahaha you lost, here drink some water
Au: *so nice! thanks

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Au: kookie and IU are arriving

Tae: you know, jungkook have a crush on IU
Au: so obvious, don't you think they're perfect together?
Tae: yeah, I envy them
Au: I think that also IU might have a crush on him, we have to do something
Tae: of course, first I'll talk to kookie
Au: me too

IU-Jk: why are you together?
Tae: we became friends
Au: blushing yeah, we live in the same dormitory
Jk: it's better to go now
Tae: see you later

IU: you seem close
Au: oh really?
IU: you're lucky, tae isn't usually interested in simple people like us

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Au: mmh...*I might like him

jk: so... what about Audrey?
Tae: I like her personality
jk: yes I know, she's such a good person, I'm happy that you became closer to her, so we can make a friend group
Tae: are you sure it is a friend one? And IU?
jk: embarassed mmh
Tae: you have to do something
jk: I'll chose the moment, thanks
Tae: you're so cute

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jk punches him
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taecher: we're going to have lesson with the dance class, you're going to make pairs and do a duet, you chose how.

IU: kookie is arriving I think I'll do it with him

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Au: *perfect! so cute

Au: *I can't see tae, I'd like to do it with him
Tae: why don't we pair?
Au: ah yeah! *so happy
Tae: let's do our best!

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Au: *he just winked and smiled to me!!!

Au: let's decide what to do
Tae: a dance duet?
Au: you know I'm not good at dancing
Tae: we can practice together
Au: and if I sing and you dance?
Tae: I have a better idea, we both sing and dance like when you sing I'll dance and when I'll sing you'll dance and in the instrumental part we'll dance together
Au: yeah I agree, like this we'll have a higher grade
teacher: I remember you that you must write the lyrics of the song and the music yourselves
Au: I think that we have to write first the lyrics, then create the music and after the coreography
Tae: yes, what about deviding the song into two parts, one for me and one for you, but we have to talk to each other to make them fit together
Au: yes, now the lesson is finished, let's meet this afternoon at my house

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it's lunch time, Audrey meet with kookie and IU 'cause she saw taehyung with red velvet again

Au: *now I'm really depressed
IU: don't get depressed you'll see him after and at your house...
Au: mmh
Jk: and remember to come at my house for the party
Au: ah yeah
IU: dress up well!
Au: you too, kookie how do you think IU will be cuter?
Jk: with anything, she's always cute
IU blushes
Au: *so cute

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Jk: let's eat!

Taehyung knocks on her door
Tae: why don't we work on my balcony
Au: yes, before I'll make something to eat *just this make me happy
Tae: I'll help you but I'm not good
Au: so make some tea
Tae: what do you cook?
Au: pancakes?
Tae: I love them especially with strawberries

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Au: I have them. you're staring at me again

Tae: why can't I? he comes nearer smiling
Au: I can't concentrate
Tae notices that she's red
Tae. sorry, so funny. do you also hear this noise?
Au: ah it's the pot, I think is normal
Tae: are you sure?
Au: yeah, I'm pretty sure

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the pot breaks out
Image removed
Au: kyaaa * really scared she hugs tae

Tae: hahahaha and you were sure *so embarassing
Au: hahahahaha that was really scaring *what am I doing?!? Hugging him!! though I liked it...

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Au: it's beautiful here, let's begin

Tae: first the concept
Au: mmmh I don't know maybe we can talk about something that make us happy, what's euphoria in our life
Tae: good idea, so why don't we start writing what euphoria is for us
Au: yes

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Tae: I've finished first, let's see what you've written
Au: no please I haven't yet
Tae: let me see anyway

he tries to take her paper but she moves away

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he falls over her, they were very close, tae is looking her into the eyes
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Au: *why is he smiling?!? I literally died, my heart's racing like hell

Tae: *what am I doing?!? gets up sorry hahahaha *what was that situation just now?!? blushing
Au: *embarassed ...don't worry..!

Au: here, now I finished

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Tae: it's perfect, I really like it

Au: thanks *he complimented me :)
Tae: they match, so tomorrow we'll work on the music
Au; at my house? I have a piano, ukulele and you can bring the guitar
Tae: now we can prepare for the party

to be countinued...