Helllooo ((: I don't really use this app, or should I say website, but when I do it's just to look for new profile pictures, headers, reaction memes or just to look at pictures of Ethan Dolan. hehe.

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Writing about things is probably my favorite thing to do. I was that one kid in class where the teacher would assign an essay and I would literally be done with it by the end of the class period. I feel like I have so much to share from non-fiction to fiction stories.

Now since you know I like to write, my name is Andrea. Or Riane (ry-an) which most people call me, and no it isn't a nickname it is my middle name. For some reason many people get confused so I have to just stick with my first name when I introduce myself, Andrea. I like to do art and photography. I enjoy these because they help a l o t with my anxiety and it just allows me to be creative af.

What else.... i'm 18, just graduated from high school and in about 2 months I will be attending college. I am actually pretty excited to do the college life shit and just experience an actual adult life, something I've been procrastinating since i was 17. But I can now say i'm officially ready.

This might be a first boring article to publish on here but it's just something to post to get me started. Can you comment on these? cause I need some article ideas or inspiration. But if nothing I will probably end up doing one of those 30 day writing challenges.

have a good day ((((: