I recently break up from a long-term (4,5 years) relationship.It was a toxic relationship, the kind ones that when they're over leave you with no idea of who you are now.I've lost myself on those years and I tolerated things that no woman should have.I am ashamed that I didn't have self-respect so I could say stop and leave.After a while it wasn't love that held me to him but the weak version of me I've become and the mistaken thought it couldn't be me without him.
I have many things to do to be able to say that I have left everything behind and I'm finding my self again.I have to focus on my studies and get my degree, find my friends again and make new ones but mostly I have to find my inner peace and be good with myself.I don't need anyone who doesn't appreciate and respect ME!
That writing is a wake up call, a goal list, a reminder of where I was and where I wanna be.
You can always restart!