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Lately I've been wearing all black outfits or outfits involving a lot of black. So, I decided to make a collection on outfits that contain black pieces.

Overall I like wearing neutral colors like black, gray, and white because you can style them in numerous ways and they look good with almost anything. I also like that they are colors that are subtle to the eye. This can be good because you are not noticed as much since your outfits don't have popping colors and this can be good if you want to make a color-pop statement. This article will be on outfits that are subtle to the eye; I will soon make another one with color-pop involved.

Hope you enjoy!

Outfit 1: Casual

  • ripped black jeans
  • black vans
  • black bralette
  • white v-neck shirt
  • layered necklaces
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Outfit 2: Dressy

  • black skirt
  • black top
  • black flats
  • black purse
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Outfit 3: Formal

  • black dress
  • black heels
  • black clutch
  • earrings
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