This article is part two of a series. These are journaling prompts inspired by the imaginary people of my collections.

The Bookworm

1) List 5 of your all-time favorite books.
2) List 5 fictional characters that you want to become more like. What are their best qualities?
3) Who are your fictional crushes? What made you fall for them?
4) Do you have a favorite genre?
5) Which fictional books have had the biggest impact on your life? Write about each one.
6) Which non-fiction books have had the biggest impact on your life? Write about each one.
7) Which books from your childhood have stuck with you?
8) Do you like getting book recommendations from people you know?
9) Have you ever disliked a book that was recommended to you?
10) Have you ever really enjoyed a book that was recommended to you?
11) Have you ever read any books that made you cry? Which ones?
12) Do you enjoy reading digital copies of books? Why or why not?
13) Do you prefer reading physical copies of books? If so, write down the reasons why.
14) Do you like the smell of old books?
15) Have you ever been to a used book sale? Did you find any treasures? Write about your experience.
16) How many books do you own? Have you ever written down the titles of all of them?
17) Do you have a To-Read list? If so, how long is it?
18) What are 5 books would you recommend to someone who has similar taste in books to you?
19) What are 5 books you think all children should read?
20) What are 5 books you think all teens should read?
21) What are 5 books you think all adults should read?
22) Are there any children's books you didn't read until you were an adult? What was your opinion of them?
23) Are there any books you wanted to read as a kid but were not allowed to by your parents? Did you read them when you got older?
24) Who was your first fictional crush? What is your opinion of them today?
25) Do you remember the first book you read on your own?
26) Did you enjoy reading from a young age? Why or why not?
27) If you are not a parent, but want to be one someday, what are 5 books you are definitely going to read to your kids?
28) If you are a parent, what books have you enjoyed reading to your kids? What is their favorite?
29) List 10 fictional characters that would be your best buddies in real life.
30) Have you ever read a book that changed your perspective on something or changed your way of thinking? What was it?
31) List 5 fictional worlds that would be terrifying places to live in.
32) List 5 fictional worlds that you would love to live in.
33) Is there a book you have read more than once? Which book is it?
34) Have you ever had a dream about a book you read? Which book was it and what was the dream about?
35) How many books do you think you can read in a year?
36) Write a mini review of a book you read recently.
37) Do you come up with stories in your head? Do you ever write them down?
38) Challenge yourself to outline a story.
39) Who are your favorite authors? What is it about them or their writing style that you like?
40) Have you ever chosen a book by looking at the cover alone? If so, did you end up enjoying it?
41) Make a list of things that are important to you in a book. Is it the writing style? The cover design? Realistic dialogue?
42) Write about things that your favorite books all have in common.
43) Write about the things that made your favorite books stand out to you the first time you read them.
44) Is there a book that makes you feel nostalgic when you read it? Is it because you read it as a child or does the content remind you of being a child?
45) Do you enjoy classic literature? Why or why not? Do you have any favorites?
46) Is there a fictional character you can relate the most to? Who is it and why?
47) Do you have a favorite movie adaptation of a book? How do the movie and book compare?
48) If you could make any book into a movie, which book would it be? Who would you cast in it?
49) If you had to live in a fictional world for the rest of your life, which would you choose?
50) For every book you finish, fiction or non-fiction, write down one or more things that you took away from it. Did it teach you something? Did it change your perspective? Did it inspire you? What was your favorite part?

Thank you for reading! Let me know if you enjoyed these prompts. Message me if you have any requests for which collection I should make prompts for next.

Merri Mint