if you feel like you want to die, it's time to sit down & make a list of all the things you haven't done yet.
i'm recovering from two years full of pain now, so i'm starting a new life & that's what i wanna do there for summer:

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redecorate my room [✓]

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finally wanna decorate my room like this aesthetic kinda thing

write a journal

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wanna start bullet journaling so it's a nice start to write a journal about my summer holidays

get my ears pierced [✓ ]

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wanna have ear piercings for sooo long but i'm too scared of the pain lol

learn how to play the ukulele [ ✓ ]

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it's so beautiful i think, also wanna write my own song & play the ukulele to it

spend a day on the beach

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just realxing there til the sun goes down

finally learn how to skate

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wanna learn it sooo bad

go vegan

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just in love with this lifestyle, it's a big choice but i'll make it

get my style

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i finally found my style so now i need the clothes for it lmao

grow a sunflower

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walk a dog from a pound

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i can't have my own so i wanna do something good & walk dogs from a pound

go on an adventure [ ✓ ]

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love adventures & as i always say: no risk no fun