Pretty much all of these songs make me super relaxed and low key happy. In all honesty these are perfect for chill car rides, just lounging around and if you can listen to music while studying its great for that too. Also more people need to listen to them cause they are amazing. (btw I'm probably going to be adding changes to this sometimes like adding new songs)


art, block, and bright image alternative, dark, and deep image
K so I couldn't find the actual album cover so I just chose these cool multi colour words :)

2. This Side of Paradise By Coyote Theory

alternative, tumblr, and girls like girls image arctic monkeys, do i wanna know, and am image blue, color, and colour image aesthetic, boy, and lust image
Yah so idk if you can tell but once again I couldn't find the album cover but this song is AMAZING. I literally have been listening to it for two years and I just... it's great.

3. Maybe a Love Song By Nataly Dawn

beautiful, cute, and nataly dawn image adorable, puppies, and awww image Image removed love, quotes, and yellow image
So I'm pretty sure I'm just a lonely person who needs love cause all these songs are about love in some way and I'm single as f*ck. But I found this song on my spotify "Discovery Weekly" and its so cute.

4. Airplane Mode By Limbo

city, sky, and travel image moon, airplane, and sky image
I literally can't find the album cover for any of these but whatever. This is the kinda song that you either love or don't its really a hit or miss. I found this song on I just I like it.

5. Fancy Shoes By The Walters

aesthetic, blue, and black image music, walters, and goodbye baby image
This is one of the first "The Walters" songs I listened to and its my fave.

6. Revvin' My Cj7 By Summer Salt

summer, wallpaper, and sky image aesthetic, salt, and album image good vibes, hippie, and peace image ocean, waves, and nature image
My most favourite song atm Summer Salt is the best band for summer all their songs are super chill and beachy

7. The Girl By JoJo Worthington

anime, girl, and manga image Mature image
"I wanna be alive"