This should be the ultimate bucket list for anyone turning 18 in less than a year - like me!

Some goals are still waiting to be accomplished soon, some others I already did

Become addicted to polaroids

art, filter, and grunge image polaroid, white, and aesthetic image photo, april, and photography image jeans, photo, and polaroid image
Already done
Polaroids represent the appreciation for the things in life that are so small, that they fit in this little photograph

Get into journaling

art, diary, and notebook image aesthetic and journaling image art, notebook, and yellow image art, diary, and inspiration image
In progress...
It's about getting yourself together and clearing your mind

Kiss your crush

boy, girl, and boyfriendandgilfriend image
Still praying for it to happen...
No words needed

Explore a place you have never been to before

japan and street image travel image theme, aesthetic, and asia image beauty, inspiration, and neon image
1 of three done
travelling is the healthiest addiction

Start a workout routine

yoga, fitness, and motivation image nike, fitness, and pink image fitness, fit, and health image fitness, fit, and motivation image
... at the very beginning
being more present in the world, growing stronger, accepting the challenge

Find your own style

fashion, girl, and denim image Image by jas16mine make up image fashion, shorts, and bra image
be conscious, take care of yourself, grow your self-esteem

Swim in the sea

ocean, summer, and beach image summer, girl, and water image summer, beach, and blue image aesthetic, alternative, and indie image
coming soon
I need vitamin sea, like RIGHT NOW

Embrace your creativity

piano, music, and hands image art, beauty, and girl image art, art work, and black and white image orange, makeup, and eyeshadow image
slowly getting there
live a more colorful life

Go to a festival

boys, fire, and night image Image by Garotinha concert, light, and black image concert, martin garrix, and dj image
get crazy, have the time of your life, let go

Get sorted into your Hogwarts house

harry potter, gryffindor, and red image harry potter, hufflepuff, and quidditch image slytherin, draco malfoy, and harry potter image stars, blue, and ravenclaw image
recently accomplished
it is just a MUST. you do not think so? you bloody muggle!

Get very drunk

girl, friends, and bitch image alcohol, boyfriend, and boys image party, drink, and alcohol image girl, summer, and black and white image
all the time
why? cause it's funny

Apply for a modeling job

fashion, inspo, and models image Alberta Ferretti, Karlie Kloss, and runway image Mature image beauty, Christy Turlington, and high fashion image
Not yet
get out of your shell

Do something remarkable with your best friend

girl, friendship, and best friends image 90's, besties, and lovely image friends, girl, and city image Mature image
hopefully very soon
making memories is the most important thing in friendship

Find your favorite wine

food, wine, and strawberry image drink, wine, and red image drink and wine image accessories, holiday, and rose image
currently searching
wine is passion

Balance your soul

meditation image leaves, aesthetic, and green image crystal, blue, and wallpaper image bambi, refreshing, and teal image
a flowing process
it is important to take time for yourself

Learn how to drive

Image removed Image removed car, vintage, and white image adventure, atmosphere, and bay image
it is part of independence and freedom

Do something good to the world

melanin image blue, music, and aesthetic image rainbow, wallpaper, and pink image magazine and black and white image
keeping trying
giving it back

Get a piercing on your 18th Bday

boobs, nipple ring, and Hot image Image by 🙎🏾‍♀️ maqafa 🙎🏾‍♀️ piercing, cute, and diamond image piercing, dermal, and love image
definitely planned
cause why not?