hey all of u,

I am back! Y'all possibly thought better than ever but, no! I'm not okay, i am not showing in daily life but no, it got worse and worse with Froy...

Since that day we went outside in the night (see my previous article), we haven't talked anymore. I'm trying but it's not working. That night he actually send me a picture with ''happy birthday babe'' because it was his girls birthday. I already knew he had a kind of girlfriend but it was not that.. that serious. I saw it coming, i knew i had no chance. But i mean the way he talked to me way just so... i don't know how to say it but it was with feelings.
He was talking to me in a way, i can definitely say that he did felt something. It was such a pleasure to share my time with him. I wish him so much happiness because he deserves it so much! I'll be waiting, i said it in my first article, but maybe he'll reads it once. So here is a message in case he does read it once.

I wanna tell you, that you are amazing. That you really surprised me by how you really are, you know i said that i didn't think you was like that because you just look like a different kind of person. But you know...you surprised me in a way i wish all boys would. You have been thru a lot! I'm so proud of how you deal with everything that's happened. You helped me and said things that made me feel special and strong, I'm thankful for all that you have said and how you put a smile on my face with only 2 words... i am happy for you and i will always support you!

I hope so that he once reads this. I'll be waiting for him... i definitely be waiting even if it takes years.

This was the end (maybe not, but i think it is), thank you for the people that gave me advice and for the people that really followed these story's! You guys are the best.

I'll possibly won't be back with another ''that'' boy story. I do hope I will but we'll see. Bu..... there are coming more other things so stay and read them

Thanks to the people that read all 3 stories and gave me advice on it.

XXX teengirlsstalk