To my guy best friend...
I love you, Ariel!

Thank you for being in my life.
Thank you for always making me comfortable, and feel like I can really be myself with you.
Thank you for all of the encouragements!
Thank you for all the love that you have given to me.

Riel, I love you so much. You are such a wonderful person. You are such a good person, I hate that bad things keep falling on you. I want to protect you at all times, but sadly sometimes I can't. I'm so sorry if I have ever hurt you in any way.

When my grandfather was dying, you were the only one to ask how's he been doing, every day, till he died. When I told you to stop smoking, you did, for your health, and for me. When I was severely bullied, you told me how strong of a woman I am. When I asked you to come to my church's event, you came. When I cried, at 1am, missing my grandfather, I called you, and you picked up, you told me that it's okay to cry, it's okay to miss people who have passed away, it's okay to miss loved ones, and that if I made a promise with my grandpa before he died, to get into the top university I was aiming for, that I should always stay focused on that.

You are the only guy in my life (except my father of course) that makes me feel so special. You make my heart warm and fluffy. You said the only influential person, or the only person you'd listen to, is me. You said, I am the best woman in your life, without context, without 'The best woman to ever... in my life', just the best woman in your life. You said I'm the strongest woman you have ever known. I love you so much.

Fudge, sometimes you're so sweet, I want to force myself to like you, but sadly I cant, I just can't. Not that you're not attractive, I mean you were a f*ckboy. I've tried, but I just get so squeamish just thinking about it. It's so hard to imagine us as lovers, ewwww. AHAHAHA

Ariel, I just want you to know, that you are my best friend as I am yours. I will always be there for you, whenever you need a shoulder to cry to, ears to listen, arms to hug, I'm here.
And I want you to know, that till the ends of the earth, I will always love you, no matter who doesn't, remember I always will.
Remember that God is your number 1.
Always put God first.
Remember that He cares, and that He has big plans for you.
Remember that you are worth it.
Remember that you are cared about.
Remember that you can achieve anything you want if you work hard for it!

I love you to the moon and forward.