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hey guys, it's me yosra. i really should post more articles shouldn't i? so, before everything, i want to give a quick briefing about myself: im a teenage girl who's a taurus - taurus traits normally involve being being patient, down to earth and dependable while negative traits include being stubborn and self-indulgent. i am highly interested in eastern asia and i love listening to kpop (mainly bts, twice, blackpink & red velvet). i stand for equal rights for all and my sexuality has been a point of question for me for about a good year. i love music and creative writing and always have been - music is a big thing for me and the majority of my family. i also suck at anything conservatively and stereotypically girly (e.g.: cooking and sewing.) oh yeah and cats.

my name: yoshi-ya

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now, my name is yosra and ever since i was about 8, i had the nickname 'yoshi' and the name had always cropped up and even when i moved schools (i did so twice) people kept calling me that without even knowing i've been called it before. i thought it was cute and reflected how when i was younger i used to play a lot of nintendo and mario. the -ya is just for aesthetic reasons and to make it sound more feminine because otherwise it sounds quite masculine which doesn't suit me that well.

physical appearance: dark, straight hair with ?bangs?, blue eyes, short, pale skin, pretty much like sailor saturn

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she looks fierce and her personality is likewise at first. but when you get to know her and earn her trust she's the sweetest person ever. i chose blue eyes because i like the contrast with her hair and my dad has the same combination. her eyes are beautiful and they're normally the first thing you see, they're paired with long eye lashes. she's quite short (like me) but is persistent in saying she's average height.

style: overall very fashionable, likes to switch in style a lot so it gets kind of confusing.

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she normally goes with the trends popular at the time and what people around her dress like. for example, in london, generally young people wear casual and dark clothing consisting of jeans and a t-shirt/tracksuits and in japan/korea, a lot of people wear girly or feminine clothing. she likes to fit in but not to the extent that she's wearing something she doesn't like. she will always wear what she likes.

personality: on the exterior she's fierce and quite cold but after a while she'll warm and be sweet, bubbly and funny. she can be quite rude when annoyed/hungry/tired but always makes it up to you. she's got a small circle of friends and loves beauty, music and writing.

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i'd like to think of her personality as that of a cat's. cats are often quite cold and wary at fast but once you gain their trust they're always going to be there (like it or not.) she's quite ambitious and has a fixed goal which she may bend at times. she adores languages and the beauty of it and also, singing brings her peace and she often wishes to learn instruments but forgets (i should get round to that tbh:p)

hobbies: singing, writing stories, photo editing, language learning

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her first words were sung, she lives and breathes music. she also enjoyed editing photos, she loved making ordinary into extraordinary. the last hobby seems like a chore to most but to her it brought her joy to speak the language of others - she knows a lot of languages but it's never enough she always wants more!


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she's quite intellectual but also funny and makes a crap ton of jokes.

home: an cute apartment overlooking a city

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she would want to have a cute home but also not tacky. everything is quite minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing. she liked to use bronze and white a lot. her home would be either in tokyo/seoul. she probably would share with her best friend (astêre).
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ta-da! that was really fun to make actually! it helped me figure out what im like a bit more and i hoped it helped you guys get to know me a bit more. if you liked this please heart this post, follow me and my other socials which i will write down below :) xox

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