I'm not one for posting what I write online, I usually like to keep it buried in the pages of a notebook or locked with a code on my phone's notes but I decided to give this a writing challenge a try. I've been left alone with my thoughts for the past few weeks, so I thought this could be a healthy way of unleashing it.

m u s i c

Of course, music. It has been a "go-to" for any mood since way back. There's a song for heartbreak, for dancing, for relaxing, for road trips. There's a song for literally anything you can think of. Sometimes, usually in the early hours of the morning or anytime that I am alone, I tend to blast music in my headphones (or on a speaker) and dance around freely which has never failed to make me feel so good so far. As I sit here writing this article, I am even listening to music; The 1975 and Lauv playlist.

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t r a v e l i n g

Ever since I was young, I have never settled in just one country. Every few years, we'd end up moving to a new country, which was exciting but at the same time so hard. I always enjoying exploring the culture and food of a country, but what I like best about traveling is the view. Each country has it's own unique scenes, vibe and view. There's just such a relaxing feeling when traveling, whether road tripping or by plane, where to the big cities or for nature getaways. It will always be one of my goals to be able to travel the world, maybe even try vlogging when I finally get the chance to travel where I want.

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f a m i l y & f r i e n d s

My support system, I don't know where I'd be without them and that says a lot as I already struggle even with them by my side. They help me get through whatever I may be facing. Though at times, I don't open up to them about how badly I'm struggling against my own thoughts and myself in general, they somehow never fail to show me how important I am and how loved I am through the little things they do. They have no idea how they impact my life and how thankful I am to have them as my "life vest" to help keep me from drowning. I wish they knew how important they are to me.

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b e a c h e s

There's just something so chill about the beach. I enjoy nature in general, but sitting by the beach, talking with friends and listening to the waves + good music? Does that not sound relaxing? I was just at the beach the other day and all my struggles went away the entire time. The people with me that time had me laughing the entire time, the music was so chill, the sand on my feet and the wind blowing in my face. We sat by the beach sun rise until sunset with no phones (just for music), just us talking about life and funny experiences and what not. The sunburn was totally worth it. I wish I could spend every day by the beach like that.

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s w i m m i n g

One of the other reasons I love the beach; swimming. I grew up where there was always a pool at easy access, all I had to do was go out of the front door and there sat a pool so inviting, so I spent most of my free time in the pool with my friends and family. I've always enjoyed being in the water, whether to play or do laps. When I was 10, I asked my parents to enroll me in swimming classes, even if I didn't need it, just so I could spend more time in the pool. When I was 13, our PE was swimming which always got me excited every wednesday.

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c o f f e e h o u s e s

Nothing beats a nice cup of tea or coffee with a slice of cake, scones or biscuits to dip in the tea. (Yes, I'm British) I know its so much easier to make a cup at home, but there's just something about the aura of coffee houses. I often go to coffee houses to study or read, its so much easier to do something productive at a coffee house than at home. Usually, I study with friends which ends in just talking and making other plans, but sometimes I like to go alone, just to refresh my find and for some alone time.

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c u d d l i n g

There's just something about cuddling - or just a hug - that always uplifts my mood. Physical contact (and I don't mean sex) is something all humans crave and need, it reminds us that we are human and sometimes we just need someone. Yeah, it would be great to curl up and cuddle with a partner but even just a hug from a friend or family is enough to make me happy. To find comfort in someone, aside from myself, reminds me that I'm not alone. Sometimes a hug from someone important to you is enough.

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m o v i e s & s e r i e s

When I don't have enough money to go to a coffee house or travel or if my friends are busy, I like to curl up in bed all day and binge watch movies or series. Old or new, that isn't a problem. The current series I'm obsessing over though is Friends and Grey's Anatomy. I could spend an entire week in darkness, wrapped in a blanket and watching movies or series. Netflix is my new best friend.

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b o o k s

Back in High School, I was such a book worm. My nose would always be buried in a book and the first place I went to in a mall was always the book store. Ever since I was a child, I have loved to read but the older I get, the less time I seem to have since there are always more important notes to read. My favourite books, when I was younger, would probably be The Maze Runner trilogy. Long before it became a movie.

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c h r i s t m a s

I don't think I've ever opened up to anyone how much I love christmas, not because of the gifts or the holiday itself but because of my family. Back when my parents were still together and we were still living in Singapore, Christmas used to be my favourite time of year because we had all these routines. When December arrived, home would always be filled with the sound of Christmas songs. 2 weeks before Christmas, we'd start decorating together, decorating the tree was the best part of course. My siblings and I would each have an advent calendar with chocolate inside. On Christmas Eve, we'd always go to Orchard Road or Clark Quay to see the Christmas lights. On Christmas day, we'd wake up early for the presents piled under the tree and we'd always have a very British dinner at 5 in the afternoon. Since they separated, Christmas has never been the same. We're still surrounded by my Mum's family, but it just isn't the same. The Christmas feeling just isn't there anymore and it always leaves me feeling nostalgic, but the memory of what Christmas used to be always makes me happy because back then we were one happy little family.

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the last pic is actually in SG