1. Go for a walk

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to clear my mind or think intensively

2. Go to school

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to have time for myself before everyone starts talking to me (listening to music)

3. Watch movies at home

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No one who's bothering me with (obvious) questions, tells spoilers or just talks the whole time

4. Exercise

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I can start and finish whenever I want, so I can focus on me and my limits

5. Travel

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I've already traveled to London twice and Italy alone. I'm independent, learn how to organize smart and can do whatever my heart desires!

6. Dinner

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I always feel watched when I go out to dinner with someone and I hate when I'm the last one who fnished eating. That doesn't happen when I take myself to dinner. Also, I can eat like a pig (more or less). And most importantly: no one who wants to take a bite!
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PS: I'm an introvert