this is all my friends, that just helped me with some shit i was/am going thru.

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starting of my best friend, which support me a lot, but not every time.she has blue eyes,freckles and dar brown hair. she likes to be stylish as fuuuuck gurl. we been together since i moved just next to her house (we were like 3yo). together we are in a horse riding club, and we have horse race competitions together. she helps me with absolute everything. i smoked a lot with her when we were younger, but now she doesn't like that shit, and just gets mad then i do this. she almost doesn't drink because she has to take care of me then i am drunk.
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this is another best friend of mine. he has brown hair, brown eyes and he is taller than me. has a good style, but just cant love himself. this person is so deep, but the reason why he is my best friend is that he thinks differendly than others. memes are our best friends. he likes to smoke a lot, but only drinks with me. everyone ships me with him lol but i dont care that much
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my third best friend. he was the best i ever had, because i litterally was falling in love with him. he is smart, but has a different music taste. he hates when i smoke, but he drinks, boy, he drinks a lot. he has light hair, light skin and he is tall as fuck like litterally like a tree
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this is my frieeeeend lol again. he has light hair, and he just likes to exercise. his hair are fucking ceibujwbuceiom they are so soft. he doesn't have a lot of true friends and idk why because he is very very handsome and funny. he doesnt drink and just doesnt smoke, because he always has to bring me home all the time.
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last but not least my internet friend. he has dark hair, and loves metal and hard rock(yeah fuck we have similar music taste). we dont talk a lot, because he just rides his motorbike 24/7. no but really. he supports me no matter what i do and no matter how i feel. he is an awesome guy, but when he found a gurl it became so hard to meet...

yeah fuck i have tones of friends boyy.
thanks for reading