hey, these are few things I've learned through my journey, hope they'll be helpful :

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1- Appreciate your own beauty and others beauty without comparing them, and always remember that the definition of beauty differs from one to another.
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2- Make the things that will make you prouder or happier later on, without thinking of what others may think or say (cause even if everyone is looking at you, not everyone is seing you).
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3- Allow yourself to make/accept mistakes, cause once done they are in the past and what stays is what you have learned from each one of them. Mistakes are the only thing that helps us grow, so each time you fail, fail happily.
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4- Fear is an illusion, it's our mind imagining over and over again stuffs that probably will never happen (all it needs is a little bit of courage to face everything!). Fearless doesn't mean no fear, but enough courage to face this fear.
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5- When in doubt always choose kindness.
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6- Love your body. Eat heathy, exercice, take care of your skin... just simply take care of yourself.
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7- Pursue what sets your soul on fire. Passions are everything in life !!
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8- Work hard always pays off.
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9- Fall in love with your life. Fall in love with simple things such as watching a sunset, enjoying your favorite food...
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10- Remember if you heart is still beating there is reason somehow for you being alive, your mission on earth haven't yet been accomplished.
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11- Believe in miracles. Always start your day with a mind full of hope and faith and with a face dressed by a smile.

Hope you liked it ❤️
DM me what you think of it 🌸❤️