I was lost...broken...desperate when you found me. At the beginning you brought hapiness, confidence in my life and I was just really thankful for you. I have already seen at the first that you are different...and you have seen it, too. Even so we were trying...and somehow we fell in love. Maybe I can say that: AN ANGEL AND A DEVIL FELL IN LOVE. I really really loved you. I was trying to give you everything that you were needed but you pushed me away. You said that I wasn't enough and you do not need me anymore. You killed and destroyed all of the lights and hope and good in me. I was lost...again. I tried to be kind to you all the time and you traded on me...again and again. And I was ready to do anything for you just because I hoped that if I do that I'm gonna be THE PERSON for you again. Probably I don't have to say that it wasn't true...I expected more from you. I thought that there are some goodness in you somewhere. I WAS WRONG. 'cause after all you symbolized the devil...and there is no goodness in the devil, everyone knows that...well...I didn't. I was naive, impressionable again and again. And after all the things that we have been through I didn't care about the pain, the consequences I just wanted to be with you even I thought that you don't care about me anymore and you are craving somebody else and I am just a second option... and I'll always be. And I accepted that...now I see the light, the escape from this situation, the hope that I am gonna be fine...I let you go away. I finally moved on. I am happy right now...without you and I know that in the world there is someone new for me...I wish you to be happy and just please care about her better than you cared about me before.

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I said all of these to you because I know that I am not the only one and just wanna say that you can do it little girl... you are strong enough as I was, too.

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