~ My everyday makeup routine ~

Since I lean to natural makeup look, I tend to use products that are very similar to my skin tone. This is my first article so let me know what you think. Also, for any question or suggestion, write me in DM. Enjoy ♥

-First step: I clean my face with facial piling, after I`m done I tap a little bit with clean towel round my face.

-Second step: I use green concealer to cover my redness, let it sit for 3-5 minutes and you`re ready.

-Third step: After the green concealer, I put on mascara. Since I have long lashes, the only thing that I consider while buying a new one is a brush. I looove the fourth one in the picture. It gives me lenght and somehow they look thicker :)

Brushes image

-Fourth step: I fill my eyebrows with black eyebrow pen. Since I like the natural look, I hold my eyebrow pen as if I`m about to write something and smooothly follow hairlne and "draw". One-two times tops. You don`t want to look like you`ve used felt pen :D

-Fifth step: Since eyes are done, next step is foundation. I use Bourjois Healthy Mix 52 (this is the lightes shade, Vanilla) and it is peeerrfeect!! Covers everything that needs to be covered, plus it is amazing for hot and summer days. I put my foundation with the same beauty blender as in the picture.

beauty, purple, and blender image

-Sixth step: Bronzer and higlighter. I use Essence Prismatic Highlighter and Rimmel bronzer. Just a little bit of bronzer on the cheeks, swipe it twice with a brush, 1-2 moves with highlighter and that is it :)

-Seventh step: If I plan to stay long outside and don`t have time to cover my makeup, I use setting spray. It really helps.

essence, goals, and highlighter image makeup, natural, and summer image

Hope you enjoyed :) ♥