Maybe I just have to do it. Just start a tradition. The thought of it didn't go away. She was sitting on her bed looking at the stars. Wishing he maybe thought of her. He had become her best friend. And yeah just friend. Even though she had feelings, she was just happy to be his friend. She could life with that. But now she was traveling and seeing amazing things and she wanted to share a piece of that with him. Even though they didn't do the trip togheter. So she thought of something. What if they send each other a postcard when they are at some place in the world? Every time they travel, they send a postcard to each other. Shoudn't that be nice? It would be like travel buddy's. She stood up, looked at the card she had bought and started to write: Greetz from Rio. She wanted to write, I wish you were here to see all this. But she didn't. She took a stamp, walked outside of the hotel to the mailbox and dropped it. And she felt happy. Cause she knew he would get the card and smile. Cause he cares about her, maybe not in the way she does about him. But he does. And she knows.