Nothing was the same after that/
I acted like I was okay/
But there's no running away from heartbreak/
The stage was set, perfectly/
And like a music instrument/
Others watched while you played me/
In the embrace of your arms/
I felt like I was invincible/
But then I saw you kiss her right in front of me/
Like I was invisible/
A part of me didn't wanna believe what I was seeing/
I hoped my eyes were deceiving me
So, I smiled and said 'don't worry, I understand'/
But it turns out/
That was just my heart playing the deceitful part/
I didn't wanna lose what we built/
And I can't help but wonder if you feel any guilt/
My mind is pacing back and forth/
Trying to figure out/
How my prince turned back into a frog/
I never did believe in fairytale love/
At least not until the first time you kissed me/
And I realized that there's more to life than just existing/
So, when I said 'Don't worry, I understand'/
I was lying to myself/
Every part of me wanted to scream/
Because you were the man of my dreams/
But then again, maybe that was a silly little dream/
You put the 'harm' in charming/
Because if you can do that/
Right in my face/
With absolutely no regrets/
How do you expect me to not feel like a reject?/
I know I can't afford to think like that/
My spirit is too strong to let me fall apart like that/
But the fact that I understand/
Doesn't make it hurt any less...