Hey guys! I am back with another post on my series. Today I am going to show you some outfits to wear on a first date.

Look 1:

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Look one is a blue off-the-shoulder tops and black jeans outfit. It is accessorised with a chocker, watch, bracelet and ring. I would wear this because it looks super cute plus I don't know why but the girl looks sexy with that top on. This outfit would be ideal for dinner dates.

Look 2:

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The second look is a black tank top with ripped jeans and a Gucci belt. It also includes a couple of necklaces. I wouldn't wear the cross one because I am an atheist... I would wear this to a museum date.

Look 3:

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I made this look up on my own. It consists of black heels with a 'pom pom', a dress with a blank t-shirt under it and a cute small ring. Your hair would be in space buns. I would wear this to a roller skating date (roller staking shoes not heels, duh).

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