I have been struggling to get clear skin, I have watched a thousand videos, read hundreds of articles and I finally found some tips and tricks that actually helped me...
If you recognize yourself in this, than I suggest you keep on reading!

I hope these tips CAN help you!


  • If you introduce more than one new faceproduct at a time
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  • If you pick your skin
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  • If you go to bed with makeup on, keep some makeup-remover wipes on your nighstand
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  • If you don't get enough sleep, sleep at least 7-8 hours, BEAUTYSLEEP IS REAL
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  • If you pop a pimple, I know how epic it is to pop a pimple, but please don't, it can cause more inflammation, more breakouts and even scars...
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Let's start of with this 'tip', this one is mentioned in every video or article. BUT it's so true... DRINK TAHAT WATER GIRLLLLL (or boy), you'll thank me later. Drink at least 2.5l a day. It's not only good for your face, but also for your brains and body in general. (if you don't like regular water, add some fruit)

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I have noticed a huge difference since I change my pillow cases every week. Have you ever thought about how filthy it is, I mean, we sleep on those pillows for 7 hours straight, our facial oils, hair oils, dirt and so much more go on those en we keep sleeping on them.

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I love pizza, chocolat... Butttt they are so bad for your skin. Try to avoid junk food, candy, soda drinks...

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OMG I cut out dairy for only 1 week and my skin looks so good. Just try to not eat cheese, yoghurt, ice cream, chocolat, drink milk or other dairy products. You can drink/use Soyproducts instead.

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I love doing sports and it does help me get clear skin so it's a win-win. Just make sure to sweat (running, workout @ home or go for a walk) at least 30 min each day.

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STICK TO A ROUTINE! Once you have a skincareroutine stick to it. Your skin has to get used to it. Once it is used to the routine, you'll notice it will actually start working.

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Once you get stressed you will probably get some pimples, so make sure you relax from time to time. Watch a movie, do some yoga, go for a walk, pamper yourself, take a bath, do whatever you want and find relaxing!

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♡ > written by Rose (@rosesgardenx)

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