I realized, I never communicate with anyone on WHI and I would love to get to know people! I want my followers to know more about me. So here are a few facts about me.

name: kiki (it's a nickname I use online)
age: 16
astrological sign: Leo

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Nationality: Japanese

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I'm fully Japanese, born and raised. But I've been learning English since I was two and I go to an international school. That's why I'm fluent in English.

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Ariana Grande, Charlie Puth, Lauv, Halsey, Jeremy Zucker, Bebe Rexha, The 1975, Madison Beer, EDEN, Camila Cabello, Loren Gray

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Drawing (I love art and I'm hoping to major in Illustration or Graphic Design), listening to music, making mashups (check out my YT), singing (but not in front of people), eating, sleeping, hearting!

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social media:
Instagram, Youtube, WeHeartIt

Ice cream, fries, gummys, jello, potato, mochi, tea

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school subjects:
Art & Design, and Mathematics

Clueless, Night At The Museum series, Kiki's Delivery Service, Tangled

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Summer! Although I hate the heat, its when we don't have to go to school! The time you actually get to have fun in life. It's also when my birthday is, as well as the Japanese summer festivals.

Blue. It reminds me of my favorite artists Halsey and Lauv. It's also a calming color.

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CATS!! My favorite breed is Scottish Fold. Ironically enough, I'm actually allergic to them (and basically any animal with fur).

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My ideal future:

  • I want to become an artist. I want to be an illustrator or a graphic designer. Making album covers and stuff related to music seems cool. I plan to attend an art college in the US ... I'll update you guys in a year!
  • I want to live in an English speaking country. As a kid, it was always my dream to live in LA or somewhere awesome like that.
  • I want to fall in love. I've never properly fallen in love or had a relationship. I haven't even had my first kiss yet. But, these romance movies and songs about love make me want to fall in love. I hope I meet that special someone in the future.
  • I want to make cool friends. I graduate high school in a year and I know I'll miss my closest friends when we all go separate ways. I hope that when I start college I'll meet friends like them, or even cooler than them.
  • I want a cat! I'm not so sure about kids, but I definitely want a pet of some kind. I'm allergic to cats but... maybe I'll manage?

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Thanks for reading!! MSG ME IF YOU WANNA BE FRIENDS! I hope this was interesting, and maybe we have some things in common? Message me if we do.

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