Hi, I've seen this tag several times "if i was" and I thought it was cool. It'll let you know a little more about me. I tried to do them all, so I think this tag is complete.
And by the way, my name is Kelly, i'm a girl. I'll be 19 in two days! June 14.

If i was a season

winter, snow, and coffee image clothes and fashion image
Winter. I love winter, especially the snow, the white that covers everything, I find it magic. Woolly sweaters and stuffed boots nothing more comfortable and pleasant!

If i was a color

pink, eyelashes, and wallpaper image wallpaper, gold, and background image
Pink. I like pink! Light pink. I find this color discreet and classy.

If i was an animal

cat, white, and animal image cat, animal, and white image
A cat. Cats have a good life. We take good care of them. They are quiet and calm. They sleep, eat and have fun, that's all they do all day. So I'd like to be a cat.

If i was an activity

hand, landscape, and view image aesthetic, jeep, and snow image
Driving. Sometimes I like to drive without knowing exactly where I'm going. To be able to leave and go where I want, to feel free. Driving relaxes me.

If i was a series

wallpaper, 13 reasons why, and stranger things image gif and 13 reasons why image
13 reasons why. Everyone knows this series. She is both touching and speaks about important issues. I'm not hannah backer but I wish I was the one who helps her and understands her.

If i was a book

Image by LEGGO‼️ dick, whale, and funny image
Moby dick. I know it's a very long book to read, despite it's long chapter I find the story of this balaine and shipwrecked captivente and I love this book, it's a historical book is a very known story.

If i was a song

goals, indie, and pastel image Temporarily removed
H.E.R - Every Kind Of Way. | It's a love song,It's a very beautiful music with beautiful lyrics.

If i was a moment of the day

city, light, and travel image moon, full moon, and night image
In the evening. In the evening when the sun sets, it gets dark and the city gradually becomes calm. The hour and the moment when everything calms down neither too early nor too late.

If i was a place

white image beach, black and white, and sea image
The island of Tuvalu. Isolated between hawaii and australia, the island of tuvalu is one of the most remote places in the world. It is the 3rd least populated country in the world and the 4th smallest. This island is not very known but I would dream to go to live there. It must be heaven and peace embody.

If i was a garment

Image by Miren Iosu blue, jeans, and white image
Jeans. Jeans go with everything and there's a lot of jeans cut and color.

If i was a brand of clothes

Image by έlyα.g Zara, fashion, and shopping image
Zara. They make very beautiful quality pieces. I find their clothing very classy and trendy. That's my style.

If i was a drink

drink, white, and milk image food, drink, and oreo image
Milk. Since I'm little every morning without exception I drink milk! I love milk a lot.

If i was a food

donuts, food, and dessert image food and foodporn image
Donuts. I love donuts with the frosting on top, it's so good!

If i was a flower

flowers, rose, and pink image flowers, rose, and pink image
The white rose. I find these rare flowers so beautiful, very classy. And the smell!

If i was a month

black and white, december, and monochrome image christmas, christmas lights, and coffee image
December. Because as I said I love winter, cold, snow I find it magic and even more when it's Christmas! I love Christmas. It's a magic party.

If i was a word

rain, words, and serein image quote, flower, and serenity image
Serenity. I would be the word serenity. I like this word so beautiful and it is at the same time so complicated to be it but every person should be serene and live in the present moment without worrying about tomorrow.

If i was an element

moon, night, and night sky image aesthetic, alternative, and feel image
The sky. I like to watch the sky fall from the sun. See the birds that fly there. The clouds move. To think that you're so small in this world. Enjoy this present moment and see something beautiful that offers itself to us. Let us look up and appreciate what is around us.

If i was an object

glasses, black, and white image white and glasses image
I'd be a pair of glasses. To improve people's vision and allow them to see better the beautiful things in life around them! Because there's beauty everywhere it's just up to you to realize it.

If i was a quote

quotes and words image beach and travel image
See good in everthing. I think everything's said. See her beauty in all things of life.

If i was a weather

city, light, and bridge image aesthetic, alternative, and amazing image
Grey sky. I like it grey when it's otherwise prefer the sun but I find the sky grey poetic and beautiful, I like even when it rains a little.

If i was a feeling

happiness, quotes, and happy image girl, smile, and black and white image
Happiness. I'm happy and everyone has the right to be happy. That so pleasant feeling of being at peace.

If i was a body part

Image removed love, art, and hands image
Hands. Besides on the first picture they are mine. Hands are very important without them we can do nothing and touch nothing.

If i was an artist or if i was a fictional character; I have too many favorite actors and artists to pick just one!

I have deecrited myself and presented myself sincerely, I hope that it will have pleased you and that you know me better. Thank you for leaving a reaction and heart it.
bye xoxo.

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