a ge

pink, cake, and grunge image 16, b-day, and birthday image

b est feature

70s, beach, and arm image cross image

c olor

Inspiring Image on We Heart It green, motel, and aesthetic image

d eepest regret

hospital and bed image joy division, ian curtis, and isolation image

e very day starts with

aesthetic, art, and books image skins, quotes, and sid image

f avorite show

cool, freaks and geeks, and grunge image james franco, freaks and geeks, and cool image

g reatest accomplishment

girl and friends image girl, Palo Alto, and friends image

h eight

NUMBER 5, 5, and inspiration image camera, film, and recording image

i n love with

brad pitt, 90s, and boy image brad pitt, cigarette, and grunge image

j ob of my dreams

vintage, 50s, and food image gin, alcohol, and drink image kitchen, vintage, and 50s image cigarette, black and white, and vintage image

k ids i want

Image by mmmxmishoo baby, cute, and bear image

l ast thing i ate

black coffee image coffee, book, and photography image

m agical power i want

brain meme image wallpaper image

n umber of siblings

orange, numbers, and zero image black, death, and zero image

o ne favorite song

joy division, disorder, and music image joy division, ian curtis, and black and white image

p erson i last texted

girl, smoke, and grunge image thirteen, grunge, and smoke image

q uestion i'm always asked

stupid, quotes, and boy image quotes, vintage, and aesthetic image

r easons to smile

Image by A Girl Alice Glass, concierto, and photograpie image

s exuality

kiss, sex, and skin image bisexual, girl, and girlfriend image

t ime i wake up

pink, room, and bed image room, bed, and tumblr image

u nderwear color

Mature image grainy, outfit, and indie image

v acation place

photography and Greece image beach, summer, and sea image cliffs, ireland, and landscape image bed, view, and window image

w orst habit

beautiful, hold, and pale image grunge, hand, and hands image

x rays ive had

wallpaper image x image

y our favorite drink

red, aesthetic, and wine image drunk, girl, and wine image

z odiac sign

aesthetic, tattoo, and arm image tattoo image