Hello, this is my first article and it's going to be a short one, we are going to talk about fears.
But first, Sorry for my English I'm French!

We all have some fears which prevents us and it's totally normal, but to move on and to be a better person, you need to get out of your comfort zone.
I know this sounds easy to say and difficult to realize but just one day, try something that scares you. It could be a little thing like do some shopping alone or start a blog. When you will have made, you will see a difference, maybe not right now but in the future. To improve ourselves you need to try something different so that you can learn a lesson of this thing and that will be positive.

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For example, I always wanted to start a channel or an instagram of my covers and one day I just did it and now I'm so happy about my decision. If you want to check out, I put the link on top

Link: https://www.instagram.com/clnsing/

Thanks for reading my article, I hope it will help you and do the things you want to do. Don't be scared!