Hey everyone! today I'm back with another article this is gonna be BTS so i hope enjoy reading this

My First Kpop


v, bts, and jung hoseok image

the most kpop boy band I've ever stan first they took my life and want me to them to love them... because yup i love BTS


V & Jungkook

bts, v, and taehyung image jungkook, bts, and aesthetic image

honestly can't decided around them i just can't... i love them so much, they're so precious ♡

Bias Wrecker


bts, bangtan sonyeondan, and bangtan boys image bts, suga, and kpop image

min yoongi is ruined every my bias lists oml but i put him as my bias wrecker cuz ya know he's lit and savage at the same time sometimes also my personal as myself is mostly like suga xD

My Otps on BTS (ships)

of course Taekook!

jin, korean, and kpop image k-pop and bts image bts, jungkook, and v image bts, jungkook, and v image

to be honest they were my first ship ever in kpop i really in love with them they're so cute i wanna protect them with all costs because ya talking to taekook's mother here ;)


bts, jimin, and suga image

im soft whenever jimin is around with yoongi they're relationships are goes perfect as jewelry oh my uvfhjcniduheio


gif, bts, and namjin image

they're such a parents materials tbh also namjin is the lead as a parents in BTS XD


bts, jhope, and suga image gif, bts, and yoonseok image

i like them as bromance & couples sowwy :)


bts, jungkook, and jimin image jungkook, jikook, and kookmin image

kyeopta aren't they? sorry yoonmin, vmin, and other ships out there i actually ship jikook too xD but stil i prefer taekook since they are my ult ships in kpop but i must respects my otps in bts too arasso? :)


bts, suga, and v image

taegiiiii oMG yah sometimes i got crazy whenever i see taegi i know this ship isn't popular but who cares i ship them so why not?


Let me sCREAM CUZ DUH THIS IS JUST SMOOTH AF AHEM- taejin are the cutest member in bts in my opinion they're the softest member but we know that also like jimin, jhope, and jungkook are the cutest too but i think they has the softest like this is the kim's version aka Kim taehyung and kim seokjin haha

gif image

Favorite MV


bts, jimin, and jin image

this mv makes my day goes better but obviously BTS always makes me Happy i stan kings!

Favorite songs

god dammit i got so many but the most is well BS&T, Young Forever, Singularity, Don't Leave Me, Love Maze, the truth untold, Airplane PT 2, and fake love so yeah still got so much more rip

Favorite choreo

Not Today, BS&T, DNA, I NEED U, and FIRE

First songs


dope, jin, and bts image

Favorite solo wings album

Stigma, begin, and lie

Image by REEM 😘

these songs makes me in loveable tbh like this is probably my fav songs in their wings solos album but i like First Love and Awake too

the reasons why i love bts because they got so much improve of their songs i like it when RM Tell us to Love myself, love yourself is the great thing that to teach us something caring, love, and kind

their songs and when they got some message like the Skit, and from billboards is just great in my opinion bts is the best kpop that got popular around the world they even won BBMAS how incredible is that? i will always love bts as my whole life

I'm happy when bts is happy, i laugh when they laugh, i cried when they cried with the sadness

we as army we love bts so much as our heart about to expload

also happy 5th year annivarsery with BTS and tomorrow is their also last 5th annivarsery!

i hope everyone have a good day! thank you for reading this annyeong! ♥♡