holy shit. 4 months have gone past since i last saw you or maybe had gone past. i wasn't sure if it was you yesterday, i was busy at work and i saw that smile and everything flooded back, all the dreams, all the hope and all that curiosity.

i tried replacing you with him, you know him, you'd have to. he's nice, but only when he wants something. i'm actually seeing him tomorrow, i wish it was you instead.

please come back. this might not be home, but i can be.

please come back. you might have been troubled, but isn't everyone?

please come back. i need a reason to go back there. you know where.

please come back. i want to see you so i know it was all real.

please come back. save me from him.

4 months had gone past since i last saw you. and i had just stopped waiting, i had just stopped looking every time i walked past there, but now when i'm walking with him, i'll be looking for you and maybe, just maybe i might see you there with those sad brown eyes, smoking on that last cigarette with those denim jeans. like i saw you the first time.