These are some goals I hope to accomplish the summer of 2018.

becoming vegetarian
meaning i really need to cut off the mchickens...

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eating healthy
i really want to treat my body right. i've always loved the quote:

treat your body like a temple. it's the only place you have to live.
-jim rohn

i want to cut off the amount of junk i put into my body and start putting nourishing foods into my body to feel and look good. this will also be beneficial for me in the future.

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i really want to get stronger and become fit. my body might not get to how it was before, but i truly want to try and get there. i hope to use working out as a safe haven as i had used to once before.

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study psychology notes
psychology is something i hope to major in so i can become a clinical psychologist. with that being said, it will take hard work and dedication to get there. i want to get a headstart and go into college being prepared for psychology 101. there's so vocabulary to memorize and research, people, and other aspects to learn.

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i hope to obtain two to three jobs in summer to pay off the university i will be attending in the fall. i hope to make enough to also cover dorm room and school supplies, and other things i will have to pay for. my goal is to take as little money from my parents so i won't feel guilty.

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be prepared for college
i hope to read up about everything i should know/ prepare for college. this includes reading the uchicbook i have that i've been procrastinating to read. i want to be r e a d y.

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