hey guys! so next year i will be turning 18. thats crazy to me since it feels like yesterday when i was 13 and had literal tiger stripes in my hair (streaks that didn't turn out too well)

i was also thinking about all the things i haven't done yet in my life so here is a list of things i would love to do in a year.

number one - get a job!

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yeah so i'm 17 and never had a job. i am so incredibly grateful for everything my parents have given me. i've earned a lot by doing stuff for other family members but i'm so lucky and thankful of my parents always being able to support me. the only thing i want right now in life is a job.

number two - own a polaroid

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i am honestly obsessed with photography and everything to do with art and all that. im in love with the look of the polaroid cameras and film in general so i would love to own and be able to take photos with a polaroid

number three - rescue an animal

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since i was little i've always wanted to rescue a dog or cat. my first dog we got we saved from the shelter and he is the best dog ever.

number four - go camping with my friends

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i have the best group of friends and we've always talked about going away and camping somewhere. it'd be so much damn fun.

number five - go to a concert

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the people id really love to see is Kendrick Lamar and Post Malone. i'm so in love with these two and i have been for a while now.

number six - stay up for 24 hours

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i've never had an all nighter. yeah its probably not as fun as i think but im a very sleepy person and i think i just want the rush of not falling asleep for a whole 24 hours.

number seven - go on a cruise

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so many people that i have talked to about cruises say they are so much fun. I think my family is talking about going on one and i'm so excited.

number eight - sleep under the stars

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how gorgeous would it be to just lay under the stars and fall asleep.

number nine - skip school for a day

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all up since high school (thats 5/6 years) i've only had six days off and thats because i had chicken pox for three and a virus for the other three. i want to ditch school for a day with my friends and just hang out.

number ten - get on a plane

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i've never been on a plane and i'm honestly so scared but i made a promise to my boyfriend that i'd get on a plane with him sometime in the next year.

number eleven - go to Tiffany & Co

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Tiffany & Co is just such an iconic place and id absolutely love to go there to look around a bit. also Breakfast at Tiffany's is one of my favourite movies ever

number twelve - grow my hair longer

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my hair is around my shoulders right now and i'd love for it to be just below my breasts.

number thirteen - swim in a waterfall

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this is kind of just a dream of mine since i love swimming.

number fourteen - go to a drive in

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drive ins are super cute especially if you're with your boyfriend or someone special.

number fifteen - go to mardi gras

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being apart of the lgbtq+ community i would love to attend mardi gras sydney 2019. id love to be in the atmosphere and all that jazz.

number sixteen - get my first tattoo

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i've wanted a tattoo of the year 1944 on me ever since i was 12. its the year my pop was born and i was really close with him. i really want something to i guess tribute to him? is that the right wording?

number seventeen - figure out who i want to be

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i've struggled trying to find myself since i was a little girl. what i want to do as a job, what i want to be like towards people, who i see myself with and all the things that come with adulting and stuff.

number eighteen - be with him for over a year

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i'm in love with my boyfriend. so fully in love with him its insane. i cannot wait to be able to say i've been with him for a year even longer.