Florence Clara Ivy Magna
Magna means 'Great' in Latin.

A cat called 'Zorro' and a dog called 'Crystal'.


What would I be famous for?
Writing and acting (mostly acting)


girl, hair, and beauty image eyes, green, and tumblr image adorable, gorgeous, and pretty image tattoo, bird, and girl image

Books, music, astrology and fasion.


boy, Hot, and model image adidas image boy, Hot, and beach image love, couple, and coffee image

Girl gang

activist, beauty, and photoshoot image actress, beautiful, and beauty image the vampire diaries and claire holt image Image by Berlinergirl29
Emma Watson, Blake Lively, Claire Holt & Candice King


iphone, photo, and bridge image city, street, and car image
San Francisco


bedroom, home, and luxury image kitchen, decoration, and Dream image home, luxury, and house image bathroom image aesthetic, brown, and architecture image stairs, marble, and luxury image


cars, fashion, and photography image Image removed clothes, fashion, and girl image fashion, girl, and style image

To the events (met gala, Oscars...)

dress, fashion, and wedding image dress and black image baby pink, Prom, and clothes image dress, fashion, and girl image

To travel in

fashion, girl, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and style image Image removed fashion, outfit, and style image

To talk shows

fashion, white, and style image fashion, style, and dress image short prom dress, party dres, and 2 pieces prom dress image fashion, style, and outfit image

To festivals

fashion, coachella, and festival image cali, coachella, and relax image accessories, aesthetic, and beautiful image accessories, aesthetic, and fashion image


girl, summer, and fashion image Image by crystalrainbow girl, summer, and bikini image fashion, summer, and friends image


beautiful, girl, and girls image closet, shoes, and fashion image gucci, luxury, and bag image Image by j'eѕpere le revoιr lα-вα dαɴѕ l'αυ-delα


gucci, bag, and fashion image nails, rings, and beauty image fashion, style, and watch image fashion, girl, and dress image

Thank you so much for reading my artice. I hope you liked it. Have a wonderful day!