Some of you may be familiar with the term of magic shop but now lets talk about magic shop in a psychological term,

magic shop is a psychodramatic technique thats exchanges fear for a positive attitude.

The said term is actually a way for us to make a positive get away in this cruel world. Some believe that there is an enormous galaxy within our heart which actually is like the milky way itself, inside of our hearts. The space are the place of our feelings which is why we can have so many things and so many secrets within our heart.

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But sometimes, you can't contain yourself that you can't feel a single thing and it was the verge of your hope, thats where you need to know that the galaxy within your hearts could explode or even damaged. the happiness and positivity could be gone just into a mere background.

Ever feeling Unwanted? Depressed? Low self-esteem? Mistreated?

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Remember, your not one to blame. the world could've given so much more for you. When you felt like you want to disappear then its time to close your eyes and make a door in your heart and get inside of your heart, into your galaxy.

Have yourself relaxed, get to know yourself, your world, and lastly Its time for you to let out your fears and anxiety and exchange it with your happiness. Remember the good and forget the past, time to forgive yourself because you are amazing. You deserve it.

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Take a deep breathe and open your eyes. Today, Tomorrow, will surely be a great day. the deserts is now the ocean. Never forget the magic shop , the galaxy within your Heart!

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