I have been struggling for my education and most of the time it's really easy for me to get unmotivated. Here are some tips on how I motivate myself on making myself more successful.

1. Set a goal

You need to set a goal for you to be motivated. Narrow your goals down so you can see your accomplishments and so that you won't get discouraged easily. FOCUS and stick with that goal.

For me, FOCUS is
F - Forget
O - Others
C - Continue
U - Until
S - Successful

After setting a goal, you need to FOCUS so you won't get distracted or discouraged by other's judgments. As for me, the peer pressure is more likely to discourage me but ever since i start FOCUS -ing, I don't get unmotivated easily anymore.

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2. Get inspired

Get some good inspiration. For me, my inspirations came from weheartit and also youtube. I like reading articles about studies and good habits to be more successful here on weheartit and I like watching 'study with me' and organizational videos because both of this makes me really motivated.

this is one of my fav articles for studies inspiration
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3. Embrace yourself

So this is one of the hardest parts for this process - well at least for me. I have a hard time accepting myself and searching myself. Both of it is very important in embracing myself. I was lost, and even when i found myself, I had a very hard time accepting that I am not successful - yet. So my advice is for everyone to accept themselves the way they are. You might not be successful now, but eventually your hard works will pay off. BUT! if you keep wasting your time wondering why you're not successful and hating yourself without giving efforts to be your definition of success, nothing will happen and you'll be stuck at the same place forever! If you're lost today, doesn't mean that you'll be lost forever. Find yourself and love what you found :)

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4. Be positive

There's a reason why this goes after embracing yourself. It's because you have to accept and embrace you weaknesses and strength to be able to be positive in life. Sometimes it is important to have negative thoughts to make you feel more motivated to reach success, but anything that is too much is never good for you - in fact, everyone.

Even if you failed in your last exam, or almost most of your exam, you still can change it. You can still pass if you start giving more efforts from now. What I mean by giving effort is not only studying for straight 4 hours a day but it includes finding the right way to study. Some people gets better in studying using the 25 minutes method (or known as pomodoro method) where you actually study for 25 minutes and take breaks in between. But some people works the best using the straight hours method, where you study one subject in 2-4 hours straight. Make sure to give efforts on taking care of your mental and physical health too. Bad mental and physical state won't help in your education but will make it worse. So take care of yourself.

Back to 'even if you failed, you can still pass', here comes the positive thoughts. Make sure you believe in the possibility of being successful. If you constantly think about how you will have bad results/grades in your future exams, you'll be bringing yourself down and you'll be unmotivated to study. and again, you will fail. :( So start having positive thoughts on your studies or literally on every aspect in your life. For example, teachers and parents might bring you down by saying harsh things to you because you constantly failing a certain subject. Don't take it negatively by saying they hate you etc. In fact most of the time why parents and teachers do that is because they care about you and they want to see you successful. Won't deny the fact that it's wrong to show their love through hatred, but you can't change others, so why not change your negative thoughts to positive ones?

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5. Get support and help

This is pretty self explanatory, get help from you relatives, older siblings, parents, friends and teachers when you need it. If they refuse to help or aren't able to help, go ahead and check the internet or go through old newspapers etc. This might sound like it's hard. But efforts is gold! no effort, no gain.

6. Never give up This is self explanatory too. Never give up midway. My fav quote is

"Don't stop when you're tired, stop when you're done"

Well that's it for my article. Thank you so much for reading and I wish for your success! Good luck and take care!!