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So I have decided to start a thing in which I will show you my recommendations on what to wear to different situations. In this 'episode' I am doing seasons so enjoy!


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For Spring I would have put more colours but I couldn't find any outfits I liked, had coloured and fitted the theme. All of the outfits are flowy and aren't tight. I have also added two with strips and two with bare shoulders. So I recommend wearing bright colours (or just white), not tight clothes and off the shoulder or bare shoulder outfits.

Spring shoes:

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For shoes I recommend wearing sandals since it is spring! Nude colours are my go to since they look good with everything. High heels also look good with most things and I would also have a pair of white converse in my wardrobe just in case. I also like those shoes that have a very big bottom. There is also this type of shoe, it is Spanish and it is called 'Alpargatas', they are super cute and confortbale and they come is every colour and even with stripes and other stuff.


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page=2&context_set=120374910-fashion&context_type=collection Since it is Summer I obviously had to add swimming suits. Like Spring the outfit are flowy and not tight. Also 3/4 of the pictures for Spring have bare shoulders. For summer I recommend non-tight things because of the heat (duh) and always have a swimming suit in your bag when you go out with friends. Since it is summer you have to wear things that show off your body regardless of what you look like! Off the shoulder clothes are my go to.

Summer shoes:

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For summer I would wear, and recommend, the same shoes as Spring.


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For Autumn, less skin is showed and more covers are showed. I would start wearing pants and jumpers. In autumn I would recommend to start wearing layers and jumpers. I would wear wooly jumpers and boots


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For Autumn I recommend, and I would wear closed shoes. And browner colours. I would wear boots.


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It's Winter and in a lot of places it snowing so I would recommend a lot of layers to keep out the heat. Turtle-necks are my go to and I have no idea if they are in style or not but I love them.

Winter shoes:

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Since it is winter I want to keep my feet as warm as possible. I would wear boots and uggs. NOTHING that isn't closed. But I do live in the U.A.E. so every season is the same; summer. I never get to wear lawyers or anything warm. But I do get to wear summer clothes all year round! And when I travel in winter I get to wear warm clothes...

Hope you enjoyed this, if you did don't forget to like and tell me if you like it! I will be doing more fashion things!