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bill and ted's excellent adventure: are you more of an optimist or a pessimist?
i'm definitely more of an optimist; i try to see the best in others!

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back to the future: which decade in the last century would you most have liked to live in?
the 80's, i love its music and style.

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the breakfast club: which high school stereotype do you fit into best?
my stereotype would be nerd or geek. i'm a good student without trying too hard. i love readings, i geek out over movies/tv shows, and play a lot of video games.

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ferris bueller's day off: what is your guilty pleasure?
drinking pop (soda) even though it's super unhealthy for me.

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footloose: who did you last dance with?
my friends at our school's spring formal dance.

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the goonies: what was the last thing to make you laugh?

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i showed it to my brother and we both died laughing

the outsiders: why is your best friend your best friend?
he is always there for me, we could talk and binge watch sitcoms for hours. we can always make each other laugh!

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labyrinth: what's the relationship with your siblings like?
i am good friends with my two brothers. my older brother and i have more serious conversations but also enjoy watching tv shows together and discussing them. my younger brother and i play video games together and send each other memes.

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the karate kid: when did you last have to work really hard to achieve something you're proud of?
last semester i directed a public service announcement for my tv advertising class, i worked really hard on it and it paid off, i feel like i did really well on the project!

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stand by me: why did you last go on a road trip?
my dad and i drove back home from my college; i go to school over 1,000 miles away from my hometown, so the road trip was about a 16 hour drive!

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pretty in pink: what's your signature look?
short straight hair with bangs, like uma thurman in pulp fiction.

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ghostbusters: where were you when you watched your favorite movie for the first time?
in my living room; it's a six hour long movie (pride and prejudice, 1995) so i took some breaks but it was worth it to see it all at once.

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dirty dancing: where were you when you first heard your favorite song?
in art class because we're allowed to listen to music while working, and bastille's new album just came out (glory is my favorite.)

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