I really like Riverdale and I sorta just wanted to create my own oc for the show, so here I go, that and I saw @TAEC0NHIEL0 do it as well and thought, why not?

Name: Dawn Mohn


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Long wavy, brown hair. Hazel eyes. Curvy. Average height. Normally wears contacts, but wears her glasses when she can't be bothered to put her contacts in.


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She has a grudgy and alternative style, with her serpent jacket always over her clothes.


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She would seem cold and sarcastic to those who don't really know her. But once you get to know her she would be really cute and lovely, as she is with her friends. She wouldn't make her feelings for her crush obvious as to make sure they would like her first before she did do. Though she is a huge activiste and isn't afraid to voice her oppion. And she is that one friend who would do everything in their power to make you happy when you're not.


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Reading, writing, and at home dates that end in cuddling. She loves just cuddling up with a good movie or tv show or even a book when it's a cold day. She also loves PDA with her significant other. As well as her absultly loving her friends.


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A cat names Teddy. A cat she is very much in love with.


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Very much so the Serpents. She closest to Toni, Sweetpea and Fang, and Jughead. Though her Betty do get on quiet a bit, as well as her and Cheryl.

Love Interest:

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Cheryl Blossom

Dawn grew up on the Southside, with Toni and the other Serpents. She saw the Serpents as family so she didn't see a problem in joining the gang. When Southside High closed down she moved to Riverdale High with the rest of the Serpents and soon butted heads with Cherly in the beginning, though the two soon get drawn togeather.