Hey! here are some of the books I have read and the books I wanna read.
Hope you enjoy!

keira cass and the selection series image
The Selection Series
Temporarily removed
A Series of Unfortunate Events
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Everything Everything
book, love books, and amo livros image
book, arden rose, and almost adulting image
Almost Adulting
book, eleanor, and love story image
Eleanor and Park
book, christmas light, and minimalism image
Holding Up The Universe
book, the mortal instruments, and cazadores de sombras image
The Mortal Instruments Series
aesthetic, aesthetics, and authentic image
bibliophile, book, and books image
aesthetic, book, and feminist image
The Sun and Her Flowers
girl, book, and world image
How to Be an Explorer of The World
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The Book Thief
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It's kind of a funny story
book, pale, and bambi image
How to be a Parisian