I'm creating a summer lookbook based on the summer trends this year. So if anyone is running out of ideas of what to wear this summer, no worries I got ya covered. Let's jump right into it!

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Bright red colors are showing out this summer don't be afraid of this pop of color. The race track style clothing is also very in as well whether it's bodysuits, rompers, shirts, pants, etc. so tap into your race car driver vibes this summer!
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Sets are EVERYTHING right now!!! I absolutely adore sets and it's perfect to have a whole outfit already planned out; just add shoes and accessories and you're set.
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Cutouts in rompers, jumpsuits, dresses, and shirts or bodysuits are so flattering and I recommend for anyone who wants their body to look amazing! One of my favorite things to wear this summer.
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As everyone has most likely has noticed, lace bodysuits are being worn by just about everyone. They're super sexy and if you're comfortable with wearing these adorable pieces of clothing then go ahead and stunt girl!
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Stripes anyone? It's rare nowadays to go out and not see a single person wearing stripes. Vertical stripes are the most popular because they seem to elongate and thin our figures.
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To anyone who's into unique sunglasses, it's your time to shine! Odd shaped and/or colorful sunnies are def in right now.
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Espadrilles are growing increasingly popular this season. Throw on a pair with a cute set or your favorite sundress for lunch with friends!!
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Dad shoes can practically be found anywhere nowadays. If you want a casual pair of sneakers to throw on with a t-shirt and shorts then these might be your go to.

I hope that some of these styles have inspired you or helped you figure out just what you'll be slaying in all summer long!!! Your style is your way to express yourself so never be afraid to wear whatever you want to wear. Until next time lovelies. ♡