Hello! This is merely an article for those that wish to get to know me. I love making friends and want more from WHI, so please don't be shy! If we have something in common, let's talk! If we don't have something in common, let's talk! If you have a story to tell or a memory that has resurfaced, let's talk! If you need someone, let's talk! I absolutely love meeting new people and making friends.

This article will be broken up into four sections ( basic facts about me, the abc tag, the this or that challenge, and the tmi challenge ) each by pictures that I liked or found fitting. I chose multiple ways for anyone to get to know me, so we can start chatting about at least one thing and hopefully become friends. :))))

flowers, yellow, and rose image

name: Sadie Allison
age: 16
birthday: Oct. 23
nationality: American

color: yellow
book: "Looking for Alaska" by John Green
band: The Beatles
song: (This took me a solid hour to figure out, but I have narrowed it down to three.) "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain, "Yellow" by Coldplay, or "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol
season: autumn
holiday: Halloween
flower: daisies or roses
celebrities: Cole Sprouse, Harry Styles, James Bay, Matty Healy, and Patrick Dempsey

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A is for Age: 16
B is for Best Feature: eyes
C is for Color: yellow
D is for Deepest Regret: not taking risks and losing any kind of experience, good or bad, because of that
E is for Every Day Starts With: my dog jumping on me, or if she is in a kind mood, licking my face because she wants out
F is for Favorite Show: FRIENDS
G is for Great Accomplishment: nothing in particular, but those small moments in which I put in a lot of effort into something and it paid off in the end
H is for Height: 5'1
I is for In Love With: living life to the fullest
J is for Job of My Dreams: neurosurgeon
K is for Kids I Want: not for a long time still, but two at the most if ever
L is for Last Time I Cried: sometime last month
M is for Magic Power I Would Like to Have: time travel
N is for Number of Siblings: two- a brother and a sister
O is for One Wish: to accomplish everything I have ever wanted to do in my lifetime
P is for Person I Last Texted: my mother
Q is for Question I'm Always Asked: What are you doing now/later/etc.? The situation varies, but I struggle to keep up with plans.
R is for Reason to Smile: too, too many
S is for Season I Like the Most: autumn
U is for Underwear Color: black
V is for Vacation Destiniation: anywhere in Europe sounds good to me
W is for Worst Habit: not always washing my makeup off before bed
Y is for Your Favorite Food: sushi
Z is for Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

light, room, and bedroom image

This or that?
-Coffee or Tea? tea
-Cats or Dogs? dogs
-Books or Movies? honestly depends on my mood, but books ultimately
-Dresses or Jeans? jeans
-Homesick or Adventurous? adventurous
-Early Bird or Night Owl? often an early bird
-Chocolate or Vanilla? vanilla
-Hugs or Kisses? hugs
-Pizza or Cheeseburger? pizza
-Bath or Shower? shower
-PLL or GG? gossip girl
-Cake or Ice Cream? ice cream
-Disney or Nick? disney
-Pepsi or Coke? coke
-Chinese or Italian Food? chinese
-Winter or Summer? summer
-Board Games or Video Games? board games
-Tattoos or Piercings? tattoos

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1. What are you wearing? pajamas
2. Ever been in love? no
3. Ever had a terrible break up? no
4. How tall are you? 5'1
5. Any tattoos? no
6. Any piercings? no
7. OTP? there are honestly too many to tell
8. Favorite show? FRIENDS
9. Favorite bands? The Beatles and The 1975
10. Something you miss? summer just started and I already miss my friends
11. Favorite song? "I'll Be" Edwin McCain, "Yellow" Coldplay, and "Chasing Cars" Snow Patrol
12. How old are you? 16
13. Zodiac sign? Scorpio
14. Qualities you look for in a partner? intelligent, independent, sense of humor, compassionate, etc.
15. Favorite Quote? "I go to seek a great perhaps." ~ Looking for Alaska, John Green
16. Favorite actor? Patrick Dempsey
17. Favorite color? yellow
18. Loud music or soft? soft music played loud
19. Where do you go when you're sad? my bedroom
20. How long does it take you to shower? depends, 10 minutes-45 minutes
21. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? 30 minutes
22. Ever been in a physical fight? no
23. Fears? failing, I worry all the time about not succeeding
24. Last thing that made you cry? I can't really remember, but it wasn't long ago
25. Last time you told someone you loved them? I told my parents I loved them right before they went to bed
26. Meaning behind my WHI name? it's my name, so nothing special or complicated
27. Last book you read? I don't remember, but currently, I'm reading Thank You for Arguing as part of an AP Language summer assignment
28. Last show you watched? FRIENDS re-runs
29. Last person you talked to? my sister
30. The relationship between you and the last person you texted? one of my best friends
31. Last thing you ate? walnut shrimp and fried rice from Panda Express
32. Last place you were? Food Lion
33. Do you have a crush? quite a few celebrity crushes, but no legitimate ones because all the guys at my school are pigs
34. Last time you were insulted? today...by me
35. What instruments can you play? a little bit on the guitar
36. Favorite piece of jewelry? a simple bracelet with an eighteen (my lucky number) charm on it my dad bought me.. I wore it everyday up until I lost the charm and I still don't have the heart to tell him that I can't find it :/
37. Last sport you played? softball
38. Last song you sang? "Teenage Dirtbag" Wheatus
39. Last time you hung out with someone? today
40. Why did you join WHI? downloaded it a few years ago and I really don't remember the reason

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So, there it is! I hope you enjoyed and hopefully, I can connect with others and make new friends through this!!!
I have also decided that I would like to post more, so I will make it a definite thing now that I am on summer vacation. I will be posting every Sunday from now on up until school starts.
Anyways, thanks for reading and have a wonderful day/night!